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Building Business Bonds between The USA and Peru

PromPeru in New York plays a pivotal role in enhancing economic and cultural ties between Peru and the United States. Our primary mission is to stimulate commerce, attract investments, and promote tourism from The USA to Peru.

Our approach includes identifying emerging opportunities for Peruvian exporters, fostering connections between influential entrepreneurs, and strengthening the relationship between Peruvian and American business communities. Through these efforts, we aim to create a robust platform for mutual growth and cultural exchange.

About Peru

Peru is one of the most highlighted nations in South America and a large developing nation. During the last two decades Peru has been constantly growing and thus is set to become a key actor in the economic and social development of the South American region.

Thanks to its geographical position, Peru has been able to engage into diverse commercial treaties with the main economic powers in the world including the US, the EU and China.

Peru is widely committed to a sustainable future which cares about the environment, since it is the Fauna and Flora of the country the ones which essentially have made of Peru a place

rich in natural resources, crucial in the economy.

Moreover, the historic, natural, cultural and gastronomical wonders of the country are being further oriented towards the touristic industry, as Peru is aiming at becoming a major touristic destination and an important hub in South America for key businesses of the industry. 




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