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The Trade Commission divides its operations into three main categories:  Commerce, Tourism, and Investments.  Every activity, fair and project we do or participate in is ultimately related to at least one of these branches. If your Peruvian-based company is looking to expand into the US market, or likewise your American company is interested in Peruvian products, then our team is more than willing to support you. We guarantee professional assistance, as well as strong involvement and dedication with your projects, always helping and giving our best, so you can obtain the best.



Peru is a strong exporting nation. Its geoographical location provides it with an structural advantage compared to other nations in South America. Raw materials, including precious stones and metals are among its main exports, however the need to diversify and expand the economy have increased the share of other products such as agricultural, fishing or textiles in the overall export balance of the country. 

Since there is already an established framework for the export of metals and stones, the division in charge of supervising the network of the trade commissions has agreed to put further emphasis on the agricultural, fishing and textile industries. Thus, we encourage that if your business activities relate to one of those three to contact us as we believe we can provide valuable information.


Peru is home to one of the new seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu. However, Peru´s wonders go further and beyond. The cultural, climatic and natural diversity of the country are not only essential for the running of the economy, but also present stunning landscapes that are worth visiting.

Every year the number of international tourists has been growing, resultant of an increasing number of activities made available to them and the internazionalization of the Peruvian gastronomy which has ultimately catched the attention of many.  This growth in tourists has translated into an expansion of the interests and investments of the tourist industry, eventually making Peru even more attractive. 

Since the levels of tourism are still relatively low compared to other nations, Peru still preserves its identity and traditional customs, and offers higher levels of sustainability, authenticity and privacy something that tourists tend to value more in recent years. 


While Trade Offices expand the presence of Peru abroad and teach to Peruvian exporters the national and local regulations of the country of destination, in this case the United States, we equally encourage and facilitate the presence of foreign companies in Peru. 

Peru is considered one of the world´s leading emerging markets, with a annual GDP growth of around 5%, a trend that has been constant over the past two decades, and has only been interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, while Peru comes out of the sanitary crisis, economic stability, productivity and growth are being recovered, proving evidence once more of the strenght of the country´s economy.

More and more international firms are expanding into Peru, especially in Lima, the 5th largest metropolitan area in South America with a population of 10 million people, thus increasing the number of business opportunities available to exploit. If your American based company is interested in investing in Peru, feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with valuable information.

What to Expect from Peru

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