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Featured Events

Welcome to a list of some of our most highlighted events in which Peru´s participation is largely guaranteed. These usually take place on a yearly basis and have been rarely cancelled, except for significant unforseen circumstances.  If your company wishes to participate in the next edition do not hesitate to contact us.

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Boston Seafood Expo

Mid March

International Trade Show featuring seafood from all the oceans. Peru has been already participating for 5 years, the 2022 edition was marked by the succesful launch of the Mahi Mahi Alliance, which brought together the efforts of various companies in a B2B initiative.

Fancy Food Show

Mid June

The largest U.S. show devoted to speciality food and beverages. Thousands of exhibitors and buyers from all the world unite to further create commercial ties and build a stable network that ensures efficient distribution of products.

Bar Convent Brooklyn

Mid June

The perfect event for promoting our flagship product, Pisco. BCB features spirits from all parts of the world, and Peru has a lot of advantage in this regard. Pisco exports have been growing every year and in large it has beeen thanks to an effective marketing campaign that has BCB as its main point of reference.

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The New York Produce Show and Conference

Beginning - Mid December

Show committed to the freshness of fruits and vegetables. South America is the main exporter of these products into the U.S. and as such Peruvian agro businesses have a major role play. Peru is among the top three exporters in many of the most consumed products, however we believe that we can come bigger, that is why we encourage participation in upcoming editions.

Annual UN Summit

Last two weeks of September

Although not a specific event, every September politicians from all the globe come together in New York to discuss global issues under the umbrella of the UNGA  . During this week Peruvian representatives hold important meetings with companies and their delegates with the purpose of favoring commercial ties and increasing economic growth. The Trade Commission of Peru along with the Consulate of Peru in New York sponsor most of these meetings.

Fashion Events

All Year Round

Magic (Fashion trends), I Love Playtime (Children´s Fashion) or Coterie (Women´s Fashion) are the biggest Fashion Shows in which in at least one of them, every year, the Peruvian booth is present. Pima Cotton and Alpaca Fibers are key elements of the middle and high end fashion industry, thus making these shows the perfect opportunity to increase exports to the U.S.

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Tourism Events

All Year Round

Tourism is one of the three main pillars of action and while there is no fixed event that takes place on a yearly basis, we do participate in at least one every year. In 2022 we participated in the Re-Think Travel show where we received 10 Peruvian travel agents which worked very hard to promote tourism in Peru, especially after then Covid-19 pandemic.

Peruvian Festivities

All Year Round

As Peruvians abroad we like to feel at home, that is why and as part of the "Promoting Peru Abroad" strategy, we like to celebrate our national festivities. We attend or hold events on the 28th of July (Independence Day), the first Saturday of February (Pisco Sour Day), or as recently approved by the New York state legislature, the Peruvian Gastronomy Weekend (last week of August)  

Other Events

All Year Round

Our scope of action goes beyond the main events presented. If your company does not fall within any of the above categories, don´t worry cause we are here to help everyone no matter their industry. We have proudly sponsored and supported companies from the Jewelry and Cosmetic industries, small pop-ups, or independent exporters among others.

Instagram Feed

For further information on events please contact us- Also we firmly encourage you to take a look at our instagram feed to keep track of past and current events where we are working.

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